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Antique Clock Repair is all done in house

Who We Are


Nashville Clock has been in Middle Tennessee for over 20 years. The current owners, Mike & Ann have been in the clock repair industry for more than 40 years. We are the keepers of time employing a team of horologists that study this whimsical notion and put into practice this intangibility with the construction, repair, sale, and restoration of clocks.  Our goal as a company is to ensure that our customers get the most possible out of that time. Clocks are the way in which we believe happiness can be achieved and memories created. 

Our retail store boasts hundreds of clocks from all around the world and from all ages. Time tells a story, and nothing is more apparent when one walks into the “clock shop”. German cuckoos from the Black Forest, French mantle clocks from centuries past, American Banjos that echo the Americana dream, and a large selection of grandfather clocks, new and old, we have them all and more. We do not just keep time. We preserve it in our own small way.  

As skilled craftsmen, we can repair these beautiful time pieces and keep the tradition of time alive. We want to share that with you. Every clock has a unique history, a unique memory. Allow us the opportunity to keep that memory alive, and stop by to see us. 

Clock Repair guys brain storming on a repair

Retail Clock Shop & Clock Repair Facility


Sometimes clock repair takes 3 great minds working together to work thru a problem with a clock.  With over 80 years of experience between them we have some of the best repairmen in the industry.  Three of our horologists have been doing clock repair as their only jobs for over 30 years each, not many shops can claim that.  Many people tinker with clocks while working other full time jobs but not our repairmen.   In this industry you may only come across a very particular clock once in your lifetime and having all this knowledge in one shop helps to troubleshoot  how to do the repair.  Sharing knowledge is a gift.